Did you know there are 4 online advertising sources that most marketers are not aware of?

Marketers tend to stay within their comfort zone, and tend to be too lazy to try something new.


There's 85% less competition

There's 20%-300% ROI


Some are relevant and others may not have a huge budget, but whatever it may be, ROI is fairly easy to achieve.

Get started with as little as $500


Complex media buys typically require a customer to commit tens of thousands of dollars, but here are methods to try with a much lower budget.

Most marketers are familiar with the various ad mediums: search, banner, contextual, and display. Not only are all of these very complex, but they're incredibly competitive. Let us show you additional options that 95% of marketers are not familiar with.

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TaeWoo Kim is a digital marketer specializing in customer acquisition, lead generation, search engine and social media marketing, and all that wonderful sexy “make money” stuff. He also runs marketing at LaunchBit. You can follow him on Twitter @TaeWooKim.

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